Saturday, December 30, 2006

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I have to say I am glad it is all over for another year. We travelled to Saskatoon and thankfully the boys were great in the car...thank goodness for the portable DVD player...but it is such an ordeal to travel with little ones. We are planning to spend the next few Chistmas holidays in our own house!

So, we kept the puppy. His name is Buster and he is a super good doggy! He sleeps all night in his kennel and is doing great with the kids who adore him!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Maybe a Puppy in our Future

We haven't been planning on getting a dog but it is certainly something that is not far from our thoughts. A friend of mine just got this pup a few weeks ago and their other dog (a dalmation) is not accepting this one into the family. Basically has tried to break the poor things neck on more than one occaision. We had the puppy at our place for about an hour and he didn't say word (or bark) and played with the boys, took a pee outside. I'm in love....he's already paper trained and is most definately a house dog. The best thing is that he is a bichon-shih tzu cross (hypoallergenic and non-shedding). He was really calm and wasn't scared at all of the boys. Luca loved him.
Can you tell I've convinced myself?!?!


Why oh why do I put up with the horrendous service I get from BMO??? 'Nuff said!

Friday, December 15, 2006


Is anybody reading this?? Not getting many comments!!

The House

Time for a picture now that the siding is done! Whatta ya think? We love the yellow. The garage door will be the same color as the trim.
The drywall is done and the cement has been poured in the basement and garage. Now they are taping and texturing the ceilings before Christmas. What a long process!!

Monday, December 4, 2006

Sunday, December 3, 2006


Luca is really starting to love his big brother! Of course he still loves his "sucky" more than any of us!!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

I was thinking a lot about Nana this week as I have been getting Christmas cards, gifts and pictures ready to send home. Nana loved getting pictures in the mail of the boys. I have started a small collection of Willow Tree angels and figurines and I saw this one on Friday. It is Angel of Remembrance and I thought it was perfect to add to my collection in honour of her.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No New Job for Joel :(

Unfortunately, Joel didn't get the position with Cosmo. One of the other candidates had a masters in conducting and a plethora of other qualifications and letters behind his name. His passion and natural talent just wasn't enough this time. I'm pretty darn proud of him though...He's sad but plans to put his energy into more writing.

On a lighter note check out what Santa is bringing for the boys:

It is a pedal powered excavator!! Carter has been asking for it for ages! He will have to acceot the fact that Santa is bringing it for him AND Luca. I have no idea what to do with it before we move but it will be great in the back yard until we get sod laid. We also got the trailer that hitches up behind. Toys r Us had it on sale this week so I couldn't resist! It is rated for kids up to 65 lbs so we figure Carter can drive it to school in Jr. High!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Productive Weekend

First of all...the weather here is horrid!! Currently it is -23 but with the wind chill it feels like -35 and it snowed all weekend long!! It certainly reminds me of home...

Friday, I had a very productive day at work and decided I had earned leaving early. I went to the mall and got my Christmas shopping started.

Saturday I took the boys to my company kids Christmas Party. Santa was there with presents but Carter was a bit skeptical because he couldn't find his sleigh. That boy has a lot of questions!

Carter: How does Santa know if I'm being bad?
Me: He can see you?
Carter: How?
Me: Well, he is magic and he has helpers at Christmastime.
Carter: Do you help him?
Me: Oh Yes, I have his phone number!

Sunday was clean-up day at home. Joel took in recycling, we cleaned out closets and cupboards. Put up a few Christmas decorations, baked a ham, baked a gingerbread cake and had company for supper.

I'm torn whether or not to put up a tree this year as it looks like we are heading to Saskatoon for Christmas (weather permitting).

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Snow Day

There is so much snow falling today my office actually closed down for the rest of the day as the road are horrendous!! Unfortunately, I have so much work to do my lap top came home with me. :(

Monday, November 20, 2006

Time for a Helmet

I had to pick Carter up at school after lunch. He was pushed from behind (accidentally) and landed on his head and scraped his cheek along the ground. My poor boy! We are visiting the doctor this afternoon just to get it checked out. His head has been well tested so I'm sure he's fine.

He has a helmet for riding his bike, a helmet for ice may be time for an "everyday" helmet.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sledding was fun!

Carter was an absolute speed demon on the crazy carpet. I couldn't get a decent picture cause he was going too fast and I was laughing too hard!

Watching the action

Carter going down the hill with the birthday boy

Luca wants back on the sled!

House Pictures

I just loooovvve the yellow!

Grey Cup Sunday!

This is one day, second only to Christmas, that I really miss my Mommy!! Grey Cup was always a big event in our house growing up. My Mom is a die hard CFL fan and I really would love to be home watching the game with her. Not that I am too terribly interested in who's playing this year but it's tradition. Prep supper early in the day and eat at half time...stew or something else low key so Mom wasn't away from the TV too long. And this year the game is in Winnipeg which makes me really long to be home.

Not that I won't be plenty distracted today. We are all going to a birthday party. Tobogganing at 2pm then supper and cake. Should be lots of's around -1*C...perfect tobogganing weather if there is still snow on the hill! Gotta remember my camara!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Mommy and Carter Day

We had a divide and conquer day...I took Carter to the movies and Joel took Luca to the play centre at the TLC. A great day was had by all! Joel even got a nap but I evened the score by buying a pair of shoes at the Timberland store! It is closing down and everything is 30% off. Good thing they don't have much for women's clothing or I might have been in some trouble. I did pick up a reversible fleece jacket along with the shoes.

Carter and I saw "Flushed Away". It was pretty silly but some good laughs. Why oh why must the movie theatres be so loud? The sound at times is almost unbearable. Carter spent a good portion of the movie with his hands over his ears. I love our little theatre in Spruce Grove. Unfortunately, it won't be around much longer as a multi-theatre cinema is being built near our old house...which was a big reason we sold that house. It will be nice to have but I didn't want to live next to it.

I also took Carter to the house to have a look inside. He is starting to doubt we will ever move (he's not the only one). But I showed him where his room will be and all the room we will have to play and he's pretty excited. I really have to post some pictures soon.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Better late than never....


Isn't he sweet?!?! My nephew Ronan. Part of me still can't believe my sister has a baby but she is doing such a great job! (You really are Lee but you know you have been blessed with a ridiculously easy baby...I'm anxious to see Mr. Laid Back in another 2 years!) Your right he does look like Dad.

Flu Shots

What fun to take 2 kids for flu shots! We had to bribe Carter with a trip to McDonald's to get him in the door. Not sure what we will have to promise him to get him to go again. The boys both have to get a second dose in 5 weeks! "Santa will not come unless you have this shot!"
Maybe that's a bit harsh....there must be a Bearnstain Bears book for times like this!

I picked up the boys at the sitter's yesterday and as I was leaving she said, "Have a good weekend." Whhhaaaaattttt! I completely forgot she was taking today off! Joel took Luca to work with him to get a few things done and I took Carter to school. Sigh....better get some work done!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My Boys

One of my very favorite pictures. Joel took this and sent it to me my 1st day at work when we switched roles.

On the topic of Waiting....

Waiting for our house to be done has been excruciating! We are now at the 1 year mark of living in the apartment and as of right now the house should be completed by mid February. We signed the papers to build in January 06!! Thank goodness we are locked in to last years prices because if we were to buy now it would cost us $100,000 more to build the same house! Friends of ours just bought a 1200 sq.ft modular home (trailer) for the same price as our 1700 sq. foot two story. The market is out of control! I have to get over and take some pictures of the house. The siding is going up and I'm so happy we picked the same sunny yellow color as our 1st house. At least it stands out from the many shades of taupe in the rest of the cul de sac.

Waiting to hear the news.......

Waiting is so very hard. A little girl (she was 3 I think at the time) I used to babysit said once, "Why does patience take so long?" I always thought she was such a profound little thinker!

We are waiting for word if Joel has got the job of his dreams. He had a conducting audition last week and an interview this week for the position of Music Director for Cosmopolitan Music Society in Edmonton. This would be a part time position and we have no idea what it would pay but this could potentially mean he could stay home with the boys and not to mention fulfill his dream of being a professional conductor. Make music for a living!

The rat race we have been running is starting to take its toll. 2 kids and 2 working parents is hard...very hard. I am the bread winner but I'm also the Mom. Darn women's lib movement......newsflash it is impossible to "have it all". My kids are happy and I am fortunate to have a fantastic caregiver and I am working my tail off now so hopefully next year I can work a few days a week from home and there when Carter is home from school and actually put a decent meal on the table. I really believe my kids will need me even more once they are in the school routine.

My first blog

I've decided I need to blog. I am hoping that friends and family can come here for updates on all the goings on in our hectic life.