Tuesday, February 3, 2009


There is now a Jedi in the family

We made the masks at home to increase the chances of getting picked out of the crowd. Luca was wearing his for moral support...he was not interested in becoming a Jedi.
Jedi Training Academy

Fighting the dark sideGraduation Ceremony

Sunday, February 1, 2009

How much more fun can we take?!?!

We have been having a blast but wow is this fun and sun exhausting!!

San Diego was beautiful. I'd really like to go back for an adult only vacation and really see some sights. I loved Sea World and Legoland was neat-o.

We have had incredible weather. Clear blue skies and warm but not too hot. It is comical to see the locals in sweatshirts and jeans cause the temp has "dipped" below the 25*C mark. We have worn shorts everyday.

Tomorrow we are back to Disneyland!

We must find Buzz Lightyear!


The Volvo made of Lego at the kids driving school.

Lego Inauguration replica.

Sea World

Shamu likes to watch the pre-show video.

Luca has fallen in love with Shamu!

The arctic exhibit....

Beluga whales.....

This cracked us up...part of the exhibit flight going up "North"