Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Winter Wonderland I referred to...Shields SK

Blame Facebook....

Blame facebook for my complete neglect of all things blog. I have been taking the easy way out by slapping pictures up on my facebook account with complete disregard for my friends and family who haven't been sucked into the facebook black hole.
Looking back I can't believe I haven't blogged about anything since September! I missed writing about how great work has been for me, how our lives are busier than ever with running to preschool and coping with the Grade 2 workload (don't get Carter started on the stress..), about watching the boys in Tae Kwon Do which Carter is kicking ass in, a fun and family filled Christmas made incredibly special by having Joel's niece and nephew for a few days.....what else first born turning 8 years old, celebrating my 36th birthday and my Father in-law's 60th together in a snowy Saskatchewan wonderland. Now it is March and Luca is 5!