Sunday, August 30, 2009

4 Boys 4 Hours of Summer Fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed this last weekend before the start of school. We got together with friends to make the last weekend before school a memorable one. We surprised the kids (2 entering pre-school, 1 entering Kindergarten and 1 on the way to Grade 2) with a rented inflatable jumpy-thing in the yard. Brianne decorated her van and picked all the boys up and had their back packs filled with back to school goodies. The kids were all surprised at the same time and were floored to see the yard. They jumped and jumped till they could jump no more!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should have taken a picture.

Luca and Carter spent the past couple of days with the Gardiner's. Tanis took them to the dollar store to pick out a toy for being so good and they picked out plastic guns. Luca's is a cowboy-type rifle and Carter's is a easily concealed handgun. I don't have big hangups about "gun play" I think my generation has become sensitized because of media coverage of all the ugly school shooting and such. Anyway, Luca is quite enamoured with his weapon and last night went to be snuggled up with it like a teddy bear. Weird kid!


I biked to work yesterday. It hurt on the way to work as it is a steady, albeit slight, uphill climb. I was exhausted after work but pleased with myself. There was an ugly cloud that stopped me from getting back on today (that and the fact I would likely cry if I sat on the bike seat). I am going to try again tomorrow and hopefully a few times a week until the weather stops cooperating.

I am forever looking for something active that will keep my interest. I'd love to join an adult league and play basketball or volleyball but it is tough to find any organized sport close to home. Lee tried taekwondo and really liked it and I may look into that. I just hate the usual gym routine and need something to keep me motivated. Any suggestions??

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Baaaacckkk.....(again)

For how long one never knows....As always I will try.
I cannot believe summer is nearly over and in less than a week Carter will be entering Grade 2 and Luca will be in Pre-School. Where is time going? For the 1st time I really want to stop freeze time and keep my boys the way they are right now. Their personalities are so different yet they play so well together and genuinely really love each other. I hope they are close forever.

We had a great summer vacation in Nanaimo, BC the 1st week of August. As always the island provided great weather and the house we stayed in was a few steps from Long Lake. The kids loved lake swimming!